Our members are the key to CICCAR’s success. Membership in CICCAR enables financial entities of all sizes – from regional and national banks down to the smallest community bank – to support affordable housing and community development efforts in the markets they serve.

The funding behind every CICCAR loan is provided on a voluntary basis by our member financial institutions. Rather than investing in blind pools, members are able to choose the loans that they wish to fund, in an amount that matches their institution’s specific lending and financial management goals. All loan requests require approval by CICCAR’s Board of Directors, and no commitments are issued until the request is fully funded by our members.

How Do I Join?

Membership is open to all Southeastern financial institutions, and requires just two steps:

  • Pay a one-time membership fee of $500–$1,000 (based on asset size); and
  • Execute a Master Loan Participation Agreement

For more information, contact David Bennett at 919-781-7979, or via email at

In addition to receiving an attractive financial return, there are a number of other benefits associated with membership in CICCAR:

  • Reduced Risk: While no commercial loan is truly “risk-free,” participating banks benefit from CICCAR’s specialized staff knowledge of affordable multifamily lending. Our experience underwriting, servicing and monitoring affordable multifamily loans is evident in the fact that loan losses to date total only 0.3% of total loans originated since 1990.
  • Enhanced Lending Opportunities: For large banks, participating in CICCAR loans allows a cost-effective way to fund loans in more remote markets. For banks having trouble identifying new lending opportunities, our loans can help to expand your geographic reach or diversify your loan portfolio. For any bank, CICCAR’s ability to issue forward commitments for perm debt may open the door for other lending opportunities such as construction or bridge loans.
  • CRA Credit: Because CICCAR loans are considered “community development loans” under the Community Reinvestment Act, participating members are eligible to receive positive consideration toward their overall CRA lending performance assessment.

By participating in CICCAR loans, our members are able to take advantage of excellent lending opportunities while supporting community development efforts in the markets they serve. A current list of member financial institutions is available here.